CAT Coaching – Acing the CAT Exam on the way to your Dream

The CAT Exam is one of the most competitive entrance exams in India. It is attempted by over 2 Lakh aspirants on an average and you need to score better than at least 95% of the candidates in order to stand a chance of getting into the top Business-Schools. Therefore to maximize your chances of getting a high score, you might want to look into CAT Coaching by Scholars Academy experts who have cracked the 99%ile barrier multiple times.

Overview of CAT Exam

The CAT Exam is conducted by one of the IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) every year. It is the most widely attempted MBA Entrance Exam in India with over 2 Lakh aspirants appearing for it every year. It grants admission into the top B-Schools in India with the most highly acclaimed ones being IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and IIM Calcutta.

The CAT Exam itself is relatively straightforward. It contains 3 sections:

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
  • Quantitative Ability (QA)

The number of questions and the time limit may vary across the years. It was relatively consistent from CAT 2015-19 with the time limit being 3 hours (1 hour for each section) and 100 questions in total (34 questions in VARC and QA, 32 Questions in DILR). This changed in CAT 2020 with the time limit dropping to 2 hours (40 minutes for each section) and 76 questions in total (26 Questions in VARC and QA, 24 Questions in DILR).

Why Pursue CAT Coaching

While the CAT Exam may seem relatively straightforward, it is important to understand exactly how competitive it is. A percentile of 99%ile may not be sufficient to get into the top B-School. In order to give yourself the best chance of scoring the required percentile to get into your dream B-School, CAT Coaching by Scholars Academy can give you several benefits:

Get mentored by top MBA Mentors and 99%ilers at Scholars Academy.

Best Features

  • Systematic syllabus coverage
  • Rigorous practice through Smart CAT Cracker (275+ Videos) & Test Gym (5600+ Questions)
  • Includes CAT + Non-CAT Mock Test Series
  • Includes recorded lectures of Live Sessions
  • Dedicated Doubt clearing-class Chat Room/ Telegram


  • Guidance by the Experts
  • Beginning from scratch
  • Descriptive and Analytical teaching
  • Class recordings are available immediately
  • Personalized training
  • Motivational counseling
  • GuaranteedRecommendationfromTier1&2Colleges
  • across the Globe
  • Scholarships guarantee(Based on score)

Offline Classroom Program Highlights

Exhaustive classroom sessions

Learn from the prime Scholars Academy’s  faculty and give a solid foundation to your preparation. Iron out any areas of weakness with exhaustive classroom sessions, paving a way to your dream Business School.

Comprehensive program

Our CAT Coaching program includes the best-rated CAT Test Series, sectional and topic tests, Artificial Intelligence-based CAT percentile predictor, PI and GD practice, one-on-one mentoring, exhaustive study material, and additional sessions and workshops.

Expert Faculty

The Scholars Academy faculty has a vast amount of experience in both teaching students and acing the CAT Exam. This expertise can benefit you in maximizing your potential.

CAT Test Series + Weekly Test

Take CAT 30 times before the actual CAT Exam and practice over 5000+ questions that will help you get CAT ready. Each mock is curated as per the difficulty level of the CAT paper in recent years.

Peer learning

Clear any doubts from your teachers and fellow aspirants anytime with access to a dedicated Whatsapp group for each batch.

Streamlined curriculum

With 2-3 classes a week, get ample time to absorb the learning, practise its applications, and revise it before the next class.

Choose Your Program

MBA Classic Extended (Weekend)

  • 30 CAT Mocks + 70 Non-CAT Mocks
  • 300 Topic Tests
  • 45 CAT Sectional Tests + 40 Non-CAT Sectional Tests
  • Online Test Taking Strategy Sessions

MBA Classic (Weekday)

  • 10-12 months of classroom sessions
  • CAT Mocks, along with 8 full-length CAT Mocks
  • CAT Percentile Predictor, the PDP Planned program.
  • Fundamental books, solution books

Admission for CAT Exam November- 2022


5 Month Program (JULY–NOVEMBER)

3 days a week for the first 2 months(INVOLVE)

  • This period will solely focus on introducing the topics of the syllabus
  • 1 test which will be online each month in this period

4 days a week for the next 2 months(EVOLVE)

  • This period will solely focus on strengthening the concepts learnt during the first 3 months
  • 1 test which will be online each week in this period(4 Tests per month)
  • 1 session for Doubts every week
  • 50 practice questions per Subject per week

5 days a week for the final month(RESOLVE)

  • Rigorous practice of concepts during this period
  • 2 Mock tests and 1 online test per week(online)
  • 100 practice questions per Subject per week

Additional Course–DECEMBER(XAT–Starting first Sunday of Jan)

  • Decision making
  • General Knowledge/Writing

Why join CAT Coaching?

CAT is one of the most important milestones for every serious MBA aspirant. There are several success stories of people who have cleared CAT without any CAT Coaching. This influences several aspirants to think about tackling the CAT Exam without CAT Coaching (especially if someone close to them has done the same). However what these aspirants overlook is that these stories are the exception rather than the general rule. There are several benefits of signing up for the Best Coaching for CAT which are enumerated below:

  • Structured Preparation Schedule: With possibly the Best Coaching for CAT Exam, the aspirant can go about their preparation in a structured way. A major factor is the fact that the Best Coaching for CAT attracts a large number of students which allows it to understand the problems that aspirants face and accordingly allot time for the topics. With arguably the Best Coaching for CAT making the schedule, the preparation becomes that much more easy for the aspirant as it will complement their preparation at home.
  • Discipline: One thing that is a necessity for all the candidates appearing for CAT is discipline. It is even more essential for candidates who wish to prepare for CAT without the guidance of arguably the Best Coaching for CAT. In truth, very few people have the necessary discipline to manage their time well enough for proper CAT Preparation. This is where the importance of, probably, the Best Coaching for CAT comes in, it guarantees that the candidate prepares for a minimum number of hours per week through their classes and the preparation time required for the classes.
  • Doubt Clearing: Let’s say that the candidate does decide to prepare without the aid of a CAT Coaching Institute, the doubts that the candidate will have about the concepts are difficult to clear through reading the books or scouring the internet. This is where the benefit of a teacher comes to the fore. The concept clearing skills that a good teacher possesses is one of the biggest things that candidates would miss out on without, possibly, the Best Coaching for CAT.
  • Peer Learning: It is very difficult to measure the impact of peer learning however it is unanimously agreed upon to have a positive impact. This is another benefit that candidates will have to forego if they decide to prepare without the Best Coaching for CAT for them. It exposes the candidate to the competition that they will face on the day of the exam. As mentioned above, our tag of arguably being the Best Coaching for CAT means that there are a huge number of aspirants which can give the aspirant a good idea of the kind of competition that they face and exactly where they stand in comparison to them.

These are some of the benefits that make Scholars Academy one of the Best Coaching for CAT and a must for most candidates. While there may be exceptions to the rule, the majority of the candidates require the guidance that arguably the Best Coaching for CAT can provide.

Why Scholars Academy is the best coaching for CAT for you

Every aspirant appearing for CAT wishes to join their dream Business School. They know that the challenges that they will face are immense and that they will need the help of the best coaching for CAT to reach there. Once they realize this fundamental fact, the choice becomes clear- Join CAT coaching classes so that they are not left behind.

The realization of the competition that they face may intimidate several aspirants and that is where the importance of having the best support comes into play. This is the exact reason that aspirants scour the net and their network for the best coaching for CAT that they can find.

There are several reasons that Scholars Academy’s Coaching Program is probably the Best Coaching for CAT program in India.

  • Personalized Mentoring & Performance Focus: The focus that aspirants receive at Scholars Academy is unparalleled because CL, as a company, has been built on a passion for education.
  • Best Faculty for CAT Coaching: The faculty are not just from the top B-Schools in India but are just as passionate about teaching as the founders themselves are. This passion translates into more engaging MBA coaching classes which allows the students to gain more from each session. The faculty undergoes a very rigorous training program as well in order to ensure standard quality delivery in all CAT coaching centers across the country. Therefore, we are arguably, the best Coaching for CAT for you.
  • Best Preparation through Test Series: CAT aspirants over the years have grown to trust our test series because it is the closest to the actual CAT exam. This, in conjunction with the in-depth analysis done on each paper, gives the aspirant the best chance of realizing their dreams. The in-depth analysis includes the drill-down analysis, time-wasted analysis, live Mock attempts by CAT faculty members, and the industry’s only AI-powered CAT Percentile Predictor. These factors certainly do not harm our claim of being the Best Coaching for CAT for you.
  • Comprehensive Performance-Focused Program: Every coaching institute covers the CAT syllabus but we, at CL, don’t just cover the syllabus but instill the fundamentals of the topics in the student’s minds. This makes us the Best Coaching for CAT for you and you are able to build on the knowledge using the Test Gym, which consists of 7500+ questions, as well as Sectional and Topic-wise tests. This is one of the reasons for our being the Best Coaching for CAT institute for you.
  • Legacy: Scholars Academy was founded by IIT-IIM Alumni and has been focused on our vision of helping each student realize their potential. So when you join Scholars Academy, you join our community, we strive as hard or even harder than you to help you attain your goals. This determination is what has helped us become the Best Coaching Institute for CAT for you.
  • Results: Scholars Academy has already helped over 25,000 students get calls from IIMs in CAT 2017 out of which 474 were calls from IIM-A, 335 from IIM-B and 454 from IIM-C. These results speak for themselves and tell the tale of the best Coaching for CAT.
  • Locations: One of the major concerns for several CAT aspirants is convenience in terms of location. As one of the best coaching for CAT, Scholars Academy has centers in 20 states with over 110 centers to serve as many aspirants as possible.

How to Choose the Best Coaching for CAT?

Let us talk about how you, as an aspirant should choose your CAT coaching class. For this exercise, we need to determine, the most important factors that decide which CAT coaching would be the Best Coaching for CAT for you.

  • Faculty: In order to succeed in CAT and other MBA entrance exams, the aspirants needs to be very clear on the concepts. The most important influencer, in this aspect, is the faculty member who explains those concepts to you, the aspirant. If the wavelength of the faculty and the aspirant don’t match, the decision to make is clear.
  • Books and Material: An inalienable part of the CAT preparation is the self-study that the aspirants put in. In order to ensure that you get the best result, you need to have access to the best study material, be it online or offline. Thus, when choosing your best Coaching for CAT, getting this aspect right is also very important
  • Convenience: For most of you, the CAT preparation is only one part of your life. Therefore, while choosing your Best Coaching for CAT, it is essential to ensure that it is relatively convenient to you as well in terms of access
  • Learning Environment: A chunk of your CAT preparation will occur in the center itself. Therefore, you need to ensure that you find the ambience conducive to learning. The other students in the batch also play a role here so finding the right and your Best Coaching for CAT
  • Results: No matter what anyone says, the results do speak for themselves at the end of the day. Hence making sure that CAT Coaching that you choose for yourself has delivered on its promises before is still an important part in making the final decision for you

About CAT Classroom Programs

Since 1995, Scholars Academy’s coaching programs for CAT and other MBA entrance exams have been successfully preparing aspirants to get into their dream B-schools. The fantastic results, year-on-year, have led to our coaching programs and training modules being rated among the best coaching for CAT in the industry.

Our CAT coaching programs not only prepare you for CAT, but also for other MBA entrance exams, such as XAT, IIFT, TISSNET, SNAP, etc. This makes us the best coaching for CAT. Besides strengthening your problem-solving skills and logical ability, these MBA coaching programs also help you showcase your personality during placements, interviews, and GD-PIs. In addition to personalized mentoring from our faculty members, who encourage, explain, and inspire – always, our MBA coaching program includes the most comprehensive books and study materials in the CAT coaching industry. Another reason which makes us the best coaching for CAT for you.

The pedagogy of our CAT coaching classes focuses on conceptual clarity; hence, strengthening your core knowledge, and most importantly, your aptitude. Moreover, our CAT coaching classes are the best option for Business school aspirants during the subsequent stages of the admission process (Group Discussions, Written Ability Tests, and Personal Interviews).

At Scholars Academy, we offer an array of CAT coaching classes to suit the requirement of every category of MBA aspirants. Be it our CAT classroom coaching, or online learning programs, each one is a complete, intensive, and comprehensive package. Choose the best coaching for CAT for you.