Are you ready to embark on an educational journey like no other? Scholars Academy, our esteemed coaching institute for CAT (MBA Exams), welcomes you with open arms. We believe that every student possesses a unique brilliance that can be nurtured and polished to unleash their true potential. Our institute is dedicated to providing the finest education for MBA aspirants, where every student is treated with utmost care and support. At Scholars Academy, we offer a meticulously crafted curriculum, tailoring each lesson to cater to the distinct needs of our exceptional learners. Our experienced and passionate faculty comprises renowned experts in the field of CAT exams who are dedicated to transforming your abilities into extraordinary skills. From mastering quantitative aptitude to honing verbal ability and logical reasoning, our holistic approach ensures a well-rounded education that will make you shine in the CAT exams. Join us at Scholars Academy, one of the best CAT Coaching in Jaipur, where dreams of achieving success in MBA exams come to life !

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What is CAT Exam ?

The CAT (Common Admission Test) exam is a highly competitive national-level entrance examination conducted in India. It is organized by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and serves as a gateway for admission to MBA and other postgraduate management programs. The CAT exam evaluates candidates’ proficiency in various areas such as verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, logical reasoning, and analytical skills. Conducted in a computer-based format, achieving a high score in the CAT exam paves the way for admission to esteemed business schools and significantly enhances career prospects in the management field.

CAT 2023 Course Details

Course Start Date : 10th of June 2023

Course Duration : 1 Y

Batches : Weekdays and Weekends Batches Available

Batch Duration : 160+ Hrs of Live Classes

Syllabus Coverage :

Full Syllabus Coverage of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and English.

Course FEE :

  • Rs. 45,000 /- (Offline)
  • Rs. 35,000 /- (Online)

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Why Join CAT Coaching for my CAT Preparation ?

At Scholars Academy, we offer a unique learning experience that combines online resources for flexible self-study on MBA entrance exam preparation, along with interactive classroom sessions that promote stronger student-instructor connections. Our blended learning approach ensures that students have access to the best of both worlds, allowing them to excel in their studies with convenience and personalized guidance.

  • Expert guidance: CAT coaching institutes provide experienced and knowledgeable faculty who have a deep understanding of the exam pattern, syllabus, and strategies. They can provide you with valuable insights, tips, and techniques to tackle the exam effectively.
  • Structured curriculum: Coaching institutes offer a well-structured curriculum that covers all the relevant topics and sections of the CAT exam. They provide a comprehensive study plan, ensuring that you cover all the necessary concepts and have a clear roadmap for your preparation.
  • Time management skills: CAT coaching can help you develop effective time management skills, which are crucial for successfully completing the exam within the given time constraints. Coaches can provide you with strategies to efficiently allocate time to different sections and questions, improving your speed and accuracy.
  • Mock tests and practice: Coaching institutes conduct regular mock tests and practice sessions, simulating the actual CAT exam environment. These mock tests help you assess your progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and familiarize yourself with the exam format. Through practice, you can refine your exam-taking strategies and improve your performance.
  • Peer learning and healthy competition: Joining a coaching institute allows you to interact with like-minded aspirants who are also preparing for the CAT exam. Engaging with peers can foster healthy competition, provide opportunities for discussion and knowledge sharing, and motivate you to perform better.
  • Personalized attention: Many coaching institutes offer small batch sizes, enabling personalized attention from the faculty. They can understand your strengths and weaknesses, provide individual feedback, and address your specific doubts and concerns. This personalized approach can enhance your learning experience and ensure that you receive tailored guidance.
  • Study materials and resources: Coaching institutes often provide comprehensive study materials, including textbooks, notes, practice questions, and online resources. These materials are specifically designed to cover the CAT syllabus comprehensively and can serve as valuable references throughout your preparation.
  • Motivation and discipline: Being part of a coaching institute provides an environment that fosters motivation and discipline. The structured classes, regular assessments, and interaction with peers and faculty can help you stay focused and committed to your preparation.
  • Updates on exam trends: CAT coaching institutes stay updated with the latest exam trends, changes in the exam pattern, and important announcements. They can provide you with insights into the evolving nature of the CAT exam, ensuring that you stay informed and adapt your preparation accordingly.
  • Placement assistance: Some coaching institutes offer placement assistance, helping you connect with potential recruiters and guiding you through the post-exam placement process. This additional support can be beneficial in your career aspirations after clearing the CAT exam.